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Migrate 2.4 and the new File/Field Handler changes


I've been playing around with using the new version of migrate for a little while. But its been on the more boring side and learning how to use migrate with CSV files (which admittedly feels quite goo...

Installing Jenkins and Fabric on RHEL5


I have recently been asked to help a client with setting up their server environments and to figure out a development workflow so the site can be moved from dev -> staging -> live in some manner...

Extending dynamic migrations with destination records


Disclaimer: This posting was written with Migrate V2.3 and less. 2.4+ has a different handler for images. This post should hopefully still be useful if you just omit the parts about the images and han...

But I just want one field! Using field_attach_load()


Yesterday evening, I was working with a client on their site who are doing some interesting things with one of their custom search pages. They send ajax requests to the backend to get 2 types of value...

Installing Nginx on Ubuntu 10.04 with PHP-FPM


To get myself more fully acquainted with Nginx, I decided to finally take the plunge and move out of using Apache. To note, I do not have any real problems with Apache; it has treated me very well for...

Easy table + views integration using the Data Module


I was recently tasked to import data from a deprecated database table (Q&A) into a Drupal 6 site. Regarding the data that was being imported in:

  • It is a one-time import.
  • It boiled down as one fla...