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About Me


I am currently a Software Engineer for the CARD. My primary duties involve working on the core CARD product and intimately working with various technologies to bring their goals to fruition. Outside CARD, I dedicate some of my time in working on a freelance basis and, whenever possible, contributing back what I learn and/or create back to the open source community. Right now (and for the past 10 years), that community happens to be Drupal whereby you can find out a lot more about projects where I have contributed back at

Open Source

As mentioned above, I am involved in the Drupal Project where I contribute a fair share of my time withing code in drupal modules or talking about drupal modules / sites. I am a frequent presenter within the LA Drupal Community on topics ranging from case studies to using features to content migration and was chosen late last year to represent as a group organizer.. Aside from the modules mentioned above, I have also authored and contributed back a few sandbox modules such as Views Marquee Carousel. I have also helped port various modules from Drupal 4.7 -> 5 and subsequently from Drupal 5 -> 6. I am in the process of helping a few other modules transition over to Drupal 7 (though the Drupal community has really stepped up and taken over for me to relax on this aspect.).