Blob of contradictions

Optimizing your site - modules gone wild.


While working on the one of the more content-heavy websites at my workplace (over 100k nodes consisting of galleries of photos, with some galleries having well over 2000 photos), I had noticed that wh...

Mirroring a website using HTTrack


At my workplace, there are often times when I am *not* working with Drupal (contrary to what people might think ^_^). From working on server tuning to writing up small scripts to do batch tasks to sma...

5 years of Drupal


Disclaimer: This is a long-ish ramble with poor usage of the English language.

5 years ago today, I started my first job out of university as a systems programmer / web developer at zinc Roe Design. I...

Using the JQuery UI Date Picker for event navigation


For a site I am currently creating in Drupal 7, I have a bunch of events and I need to show a view of the content in a non-traditional calendar way (Listing of events for a week, a pager to go back an...

Migrating Content Part 2: Nodes


(Updated November 10, 2011 - Updated information about file actions. Thank you Patrick Thurmond!)
(Updated June 4, 2011 - File Handler Compatibility with Migrate 2.1)
(Updated June 8, 2011 - Image to ...