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Job / Life changes


It has been 4 months since my last blog post. In that time span, we have seen doomsday come and go, I passed the 30 year mark (I suppose *that* was my doomsday?), and over 3 months have passed into th...

5 years of Drupal


Disclaimer: This is a long-ish ramble with poor usage of the English language.

5 years ago today, I started my first job out of university as a systems programmer / web developer at zinc Roe Design. I...

Santa Clarita Food Truck Festival


This past Saturday, my wife and I had a chance to finally enjoy some food we almost never get a chance to out in the 'burbs - food trucks! About 40 food trucks converged on a few baseball fields for a...

Trip to Portland


Nearly 2 months ago, my wife and I went on vacation up to Portland, Oregon. We drove to San Francisco, stayed for a night, and then drove up the west coast. It was a fantastic experience (Portland was...

I haz a site!


I'm a little late (18 days according to my vps uptime) on blogging about this. But after nearly 5 years of mulling about on tumblr, blogspot, wordpress, and xanga, I finally decided to pony up for my ...