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Presenting at the LADrupal meetup


There was an LADrupal meetup last night (details are at  I was given the opportunity to present on our site launch to the various members of the LADrupal community last night in Santa Monica.  There was a fairly large audience (I actually talked with folk from UCLA, UC Irvine, and CalTech and there were a few institutions I didn't get a chance to speak with).  The presentation seems to have gone really well and the screencast is now up at UCI at  For obvious reasons, its all from my perspective (so don't chew me out on some of my comments and if I didn't present on an aspect that was interesting to you (I was hard-limited to about 40 minutes after which we were kicked out of the Santa Monica Public Library)) but I hope you enjoy what I presented.

As a secondary note, everyone I spoke with about the site had nothing but good things to say (the biggest compliment being "this does not look like a Drupal site" and "I didn't realize I was looking at a site built using Drupal"); They were both really good comments to hear :) I may not agree with all of the design decisions that were made for the site but I am nonetheless very proud of it (especially the backend architecture that is powering it) and very appreciative for working at a place like CalArts which provided me with a large amount of freedom.