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Drupal for Design Camp LA wrap-up

Mon, 02/14/2011 - 13:01 -- btmash
Drupal for Design Camp in Los Angeles 2011

On February 5th and 6th, the LA Drupal User group held it's first Drupal for Design camp. I had posted on this topic a while ago and now that the event has finally passed, here are my thoughts:

  • John Romine did a fantastic job setting up the wireless network. Absolutely no issues during my time there.
  • The presentation by Aaron Stanush on the state of web typography was very well done (mine, in hindsight was somewhat rushed :()
  • The HTML5/SVG presentation by Mike Stewart was very inspirational and I have some ideas stuck in my head on things that could be done with it.
  • The presentation on Drupal Grok theming by Laura Scott has made me seriously think about giving D7 theming a workout.
  • The case study by Sheena Donnely which turned into a skinr presentation was awesome (skinr could be very useful for the projects I've worked on).
  • I wish I could have seen Ishmael's presentation on why my design sucks as a Drupal theme ^_~
  • Todd Ross gave some wonderful tools that could be used for project / shop management.
  • Eating from a food truck was an awesome treat :D

Big props go out to the real volunteers (I volunteered but did close to nothing ^_~) and especially the presenters for taking the time to educate and talk about Drupal and Design.