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Drupal meetup in Santa Monica last night


Thanks to some of my projects being completed ahead of schedule, I was able to go to the Drupal Meetup in Santa Monica (LINK) last night. John Romine had a question for the community on how to alter one of the fields in his view to render the way he would like, Jeremy Stoller went about it by doing things at the theme layer while I (as usual) approached it by doing this at the module layer (depending on what you want to do, either way works).

Chris Charlton talked about and geared everyone up for DrupalCamp LA. Mike, Dan, and Patrick presented a case study on the Drupal 7 site they just launched, Audyssey and the various modules that they used. I am a big fan of how the site looks (though they did mention part of the backend may be a bit of a mess though I doubt it ^_~). Christefano presented on the tools he uses. He tried presenting using the IGNITE presentation style (one slide every 15 seconds) which looked quite challenging and I may give it a go in the future :) Kudos to him for trying what amounts to an elevator pitch.

And I presented on entity caching w/ Drupal 7. It turned out to be a lot of fun since I decided to present on the Entity Cache module as a lightning talk but very much in a 'commercial' format. Obviously some hard questions from the crowd (and some skeptics; my usage of Display Suite has put me in bad light for some reason! I'll happily defend my thoughts and reasons for using it though (hint: if you can justify using views, you should be able to justify using Display Suite) :D)

As always, the presentation has been uploaded to slideshare.