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5 days of Drupal challenge


Last week, Jakub Suchy proposed an action for Drupal developers to contribute 30 minutes each day for 5 days (this week) towards the Drupal community. This can involve anything from providing support on forums/irc to writing/reviewing patches to documentation (and so on and so forth). I've been doing this for a fair amount of time already but I figured I would say that I am joining in the challenge as well and I might try and step out of what I usually do (writing patches) and take a gander into more support and documentation. So far, its still been on patches and making improvements to some of the contrib modules I have for the community.

  • Monday: Created patches, committed, and released new version of Google Webfont Loader. This is for eventual integration work with Font-Your-Face.
  • Tuesday: Improve patch for better taxonomy build handling.
  • Wednesday: Figure out page caching issues
  • Thursday: Help out on IRC.
  • Friday: Look at documentation and try and improve it

So if you're a Drupal developer (or not! Documentation and tests are always welcome!), join this effort and help make Drupal better!