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Presenting the Migrate module at the Los Angeles downtown Drupal Meetup

Wed, 03/16/2011 - 01:00 -- btmash

This evening, I had the pleasure of once again presenting at a Los Angeles Drupal meetup. This time, I changed focus from showcases and module demonstrations to a module howto. The migrate module is fantastic at migrating content into drupal but as has been noted, a bit lacking as far as documentation / presentations are concerned. Since I have been working at migrating a site at CalArts to Drupal 7, this was a good opportunity to present on how to implement content migration. The slides have now gone up on SlideShare (the slides will be embedded below as well) and John Romine should have the video up within the next few days. I am really happy with how the presentation went and look forward to talking more content migration with others in the community in the near future. I'm hoping to carve out some time and write out the node migration process sometime this week.

Migrating Content Part 1: Users

Wed, 03/02/2011 - 11:47 -- btmash

Last week, I posted about performing a content/user migration from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7 using the migrate module (instead of going via the upgrade route or the 'use the interns at work and make them undergo hell for a few days' of copy content and users one-by-one for migration).

UPDATE - March 13, 2012: Added in findings by Andre and my thoughts.

Migrating content by using the migrate module.

Fri, 02/25/2011 - 14:44 -- btmash
Migrate from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7

Over the past 2 weeks, I have been working on a project whereby the site owners wanted to update the look and feel of their site (along with adding a slew of new features in there - I will be posting about it once the site launches). In talking with my coworkers, we (I) essentially decided that instead of updating their current site (which was in Drupal 6), it would now be done in Drupal 7. What we (I) also decided is that instead of running the site through a site upgrade path, we would create a fresh install of Drupal 7 and copy the content from the old site into the new one.

Powering multiple gallery blocks through one via the use of CCK and Views alter

Thu, 02/17/2011 - 00:40 -- btmash

A couple of months ago, I presented at a LA User Group meetup on getting rid of 60 - 70 odd gallery blocks on and getting them all powered by one block. I hadn't had a chance to properly present all the material at that time (and I didn't get a chance to share some/most of the code we'd used to get it all up and running so I've decided to type out the whole history behind how the idea and the implementation that came about.

I haz a site!

Thu, 02/10/2011 - 11:35 -- btmash

I'm a little late (18 days according to my vps uptime) on blogging about this. But after nearly 5 years of mulling about on tumblr, blogspot, wordpress, and xanga, I finally decided to pony up for my own vps and build out something I can call 'my own' (yes, I tweet a fair bit, but that's different!). Being that Drupal 7 came out a short time ago and I use Drupal for most of my projects, I decided this is a good time to build a site using it and:

Presenting at the LADrupal meetup

Fri, 10/29/2010 - 21:47 -- btmash

There was an LADrupal meetup last night (details are at  I was given the opportunity to present on our site launch to the various members of the LADrupal community last night in Santa Monica.  There was a fairly large audience (I actually talked with folk from UCLA, UC Irvine, and CalTech and there were a few institutions I didn't get a chance to speak with).  The presentation seems to have gone really well and the screencast is now up at UCI at


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